307 – Boulders

Raw and polished Tonalite granite
Various dimensions
Produced for Salon 94 Design

Boulders is a deeply personal pilgrimage to the mountain landscape surrounding the Italian village of Carisolo, an exploration of the waterfalls and river ways of Adamello. On the five or so previous trips to visit Pedretti Graniti, I had hiked some of the mountain trails on route to the quarry, and collected from the rivers a handful of the smooth rounded pebbles of the same black and white speckled granite found in the quarry. The power of the fast paced river can be heard, felt and even tasted in the air due to the fine spray drifting down the valley from the thundering Cascate di Nardis waterfall. The power of the river is also immediately visible in the way it has carved the landscape over millions of years, and perhaps only slightly quicker, shaped the riverbed and eroded the loose granite rocks as they tumble down stream until they become perfectly smooth rounded boulders.