P1330975P1330972P1330971P1330967P1330965P1330962P1330655P1330636IMG_7915IMG_7901258_Cleft_Chair_Gold_ML_2016_AngusMill_20258_Cleft_Chair_Gold_ML_2016_AngusMill_19258_Cleft_Chair_Gold_ML_2016_AngusMill_18258_Cleft_Chair_Gold_ML_2016_AngusMill_11258_Cleft_Chair_Gold_ML_2016_AngusMill_4258_Cleft_Chair_Gold_ML_2016_AngusMill_3258_Cleft_Chair_Gold_ML_2016_AngusMill_2258_Cleft_Chair_Gold_ML_2016_AngusMill_1 258 – Cleft Chair

Cleft Chair
Wood, 23.5 carat gold leaf
350 x 450 x 820mm
Produced for Gallery Fumi

Cleft Chair is a branch, so to speak, of my Urushi Stool (092) and adopts the same technique of cleaving a freshly cut log in its ‘green’ state using a traditional froe (mine was forged by Gränsfors Bruk in Sweden). The froe splits the wood along the grain so the natural structure of the wood is both visible and tangible. Cleft wood, unlike sawn or planed wood, allows the grain to be felt, and when covered in urushi lacquer, or in this case 23.5 carat gold leaf, the wood remains visible.