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Scrap Poly Pastel
Expanded polystyrene, polyurethane rubber
Various dimensions
Exhibited as part of Paintings & Furniture, Luke Gottelier and Max Lamb Kate MacGarry, London

Scrap Poly Pastel is a collection of furniture assembled from offcuts of expanded polystyrene accumulated over eight years of working with the material. No virgin material is used in the process and pieces are combined seemingly spontaneously, albeit with rigorous rationale and efficiency, to make furniture that is traditional in function but wholly unique in form. In true expedient fashion, a fastdrying, coloured polyurethane rubber is sprayed onto the surface to form a permanent, waterproof exoskeleton over the fragile polystyrene. Starting with white as the base colour, small amounts of yellow, blue and red pigment are added to the barrel one at a time, blending together as the rubber is drawn through the spray gun and coating the polystyrene furniture in a graduating pastel rainbow.