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Campaign Chair
Ash, bridle leather, Sam Browne studs
570 x 480 x 700
A collaboration with Alfred Dunhill

Inspired by the legendary Roorkhee Chair, named in honour of the headquarters of the Indian Army Corps stationed at Roorkhee, India, and used by British military officers from the 1890’s until World War II, my Campaign Chair is light in weight, highly portable, exceptionally strong, and very comfortable.

Constructed from nine ash spindles with tapered mortise and tenon joints, which slot together loosely to form a frame, it is then held together with leather straps and a leather sling for the seat and back. When someone sits in the chair, the strong bridle leather acts under tension to keep the whole structure in place, while allowing it to adjust to uneven terrain. All this in a chair that can be assembled or disassembled in a matter of seconds and transported in a compact package. The Campaign Chair is a functional workhorse of a chair, impervious to weather, virtually indestructible, and entirely suitable for both contemporary interiors and the great outdoors. Watch a short film about the project here.