ML_EandY_Tokonoma_Stool_02ML_EandY_Tokonoma_Stool_01ML_EandY_Tokonoma_Dish_03ML_EandY_Tokonoma_Dish_02ML_EandY_Tokonoma_Dish_01ML_EandY_Tokonoma_Mat_02ML_EandY_Tokonoma_Mat_01ML_EandY_Tokonoma_Vase_04ML_EandY_Tokonoma_Vase_03ML_EandY_Tokonoma_Vase_02ML_EandY_Tokonoma_Vase_01 182 – Tokonoma

Vase, dish, stool & rug
Produced by E&Y, Japan

Based upon the Japanese tradition of arranging things, TOKONOMA is a series of products each with their own unique function and each made from a different material, whose formal qualities contrast and compliment one another; material, scale, color, texture and weight. Whether consciously or naturally arranged within the home, the dish, stool, vase and mat combine to serve both practical and aesthetic everyday needs, producing a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.