125_XLPoly26125_XLPoly25125_XLPoly24125_XLPoly23125_XLPoly22125_XLPoly21125_XLPoly20125_XLPoly19125_XLPoly18125_XLPoly17125_XLPoly16125_XLPoly15125_XLPoly14125_XLPoly13125_XLPoly12125_XLPoly11125_XLPoly10125_XLPoly09125_XLPoly08125_XLPoly07125_XLPoly06125_XLPoly05125_XLPoly04125_XLPoly03125_XLPoly02125_XLPoly01 125 – XL Poly Table & 18 Scrap Poly Chairs

XL Poly Table & 18 Scrap Poly Chairs
Hot wire cut expanded polystyrene, rubber
A private commission for a roof terrace in New York

A 4.8m dining table carved from a block of expanded polystyrene using a hot-wire cutter. The waste material is further cut and re-assembled to make an additional 18 Scrap Poly Chairs. Coated in high density rubber for weather-proof and durability.