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Anodised Table
Anodised aluminium with steel fixtures and rubber feet.
640 x 640 x 320 / 400 x 400 x 400
Produced by Deadgood

The Anodised Table’s utilise a technically efficient water-jet cutting process to create three sheets of aluminium plate that lock together with four countersunk socket bolts.
Each component is individually dipped by hand, resulting in a unique range of tables that celebrate the natural inherent inconsistencies of variegated anodising. The nature of this process means that each product is slightly different, with varying streaks, marks, or patches of tonal difference incorporated in a blend of colour that runs across the surfaces of the product. This in turn acts as both a visual reference and a valuable insight into the finishing process. The products are available in two sizes and three refined colours and are supplied disassembled for home construction.